There are many issues and ideas that need to be addressed in ISD 196. Here are a few of the things that I plan to focus on if elected to the board:

Equity in the Classroom:

District 196 has a goal to increase the number of teachers of color by up to 6% by the 2022/23 school year. I will be an advocate for the continued growth in recruitment and hiring of teachers and staff of color so that the people working in our schools more accurately reflect the student population.

Community Outreach:

If elected, I will set aside time every week to have dialogue with various groups of students, parents, and district staff to make sure that needs are being met and ideas are being heard.

Mental Health of Students:

Support for the mental health of students and staff is a necessity. These services are important for children experiencing changes at home, for those struggling in academics and in their home lives, and for students who may just need someone to talk to. Mental health support should be available without charge to the student, regardless of their health care coverage status.

What other things are important to you? Let me know!